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Stationary terminal for continuous measurement

The solution is based on the highest class of noise measuring equipment - acoustic analyzer type Brüel & Kjær 2250/2250-L. The terminal is used for continuous noise monitoring, as well as optional vibration and additional environmental parameters (for activities during construction, transport, urban and / or industrial activity).

The environmental parameter monitoring solution consists of (i) Complete hardware equipment - Terminally protected terminal box, built-in Class 1 acoustic analyzer (type Brüel & Kjær 2250/2250-L), permanent measuring microphone outdoor measurements (type Brüel & Kjær 4952), smart power, computing and archiving module (type "Specter data logger"), communication step with LAN / WiFi / 3G options, optional GPS module, and (ii) software measurement platform , communicating with the cloud SPECTRUM imaging, archiving and dynamic system addressing key indicators and monitoring parameters (See http://www.webnoise.eu/).


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