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Webnoise - data visualization software

Webnoise.eu is a user-friendly solution for remote cloud monitoring and visualization of environmental parameters (such as noise, vibration, air quality, seismic activity, meteorological data, dust content, acidity). The manufacturer of the hardware computing and communication components and of the entire software base is the company SPECTRIEOD, Bulgaria.

The Spectri Webnoise platform, developed and maintained by SPECTRI Web Ltd., is a state-of-the-art reliable non-Windows based system (Linux OS in terminal data loggers and remote server) designed to provide continuous monitoring and measurements, and to prevents loss of measurement data in the event of a defect in the terminal, or loss of communication connection. When the connection between the remote server and the monitoring terminal fails, or when the terminal is turned off, Spectra Data Logger automatically starts a local recording of measurement data, while simultaneously initiating communication and / or power recovery sessions. 

The measurements are based on continuous periodic reports of real measured environmental parameters. At the same time it provides the opportunity to view selected parameters in real time. The data is recorded continuously and the corresponding parameters are calculated without interruption. The server upgrades and updates the historical database, while providing data replication and protection. All historical values ​​are available for dynamic addressing through the portal http://www.webnoise.eu. Each built-in system in the middle of WEBNOISE.EU provides users with a wide range of visualization capabilities.


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