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Laboratory testing, calibration of sound meters, calibrators and dosimeters





As a natural continuation of more than 18 years of successful commitment in the field of noise measurement and control, SPECTRI Ltd. launches its new line - Laboratory for calibration of sound meters, calibrators and noise dosimeters - "SPECTRI - LAB".

On April 30, 2019, SPECTRI Ltd. received an accreditation certificate in accordance with BDS EN ISO / IEC 17025 issued by EA BAS, with a unique registration number No 1 of the Testing and Calibration Laboratory for Noise - LIC SPECTRIC - LAB.


ORDER No. A 159 / 30.04.2019


SPECTRI LTD., through its testing and calibration laboratory, SPECTRI-LAB provides a new type of services on the Bulgarian market, namely:


- Test (ambient noise) - equivalent noise level; Maximum A - weighted noise level; Impact noise level, Sound power level.

- Calibration of acoustic calibrators

- Calibration of multifunctional acoustic calibrators

- Calibration of sound level meters

- Calibration of noise dosimeters


The Brüel & Kjær 3630 Calibration Platform is a versatile platform for calibration of instruments and transducers in the fields of noise and vibration. The Brüel & Kjær 3630 calibration platform uses the portable 100 kHz PULSE ™ analyzer as a core part of the system.



With this initiative, Spectri Ltd. aims to strengthen its portfolio of services in the field of noise, vibration measurement, evaluation and calibration, to increase its expert potential and, last but not least, to provide its clients with additional facilitation and support in their tasks on metrological assurance and quality control of the equipment they use.


More information about the services offered by our laboratory, including calibration and testing applications, can be found on our thematic site: